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  • Significant microbial activity stimulation within 24 hours of application.
  • 80% increase in uptake and availability of soil nutrients and applied fertilizers
  • Increase yield potential and quality of crop
  • Improves germination
  • Increases root growth and mycorrhizal colonies within root zone
  • Improves decomposition of crop residue
  • Increases organic matter accelerating the formulation of hummus
  • Improves soil structure by reducing
You will see the benefits of BioLitter in your yields and in your pocketbook.

As a grower, you know some products are effective, some are not. BioLitter is superior to other bio-stimulant technologies, especially when comparing its ease of application, impact on yield, effect on plant and soil health, the cost savings from reduced fertilizer and chemical inputs, and the return on investments from using BioLitter.

BioLitter is cost effective for nearly every grower, regardless of size. Growers consistently find a profit with BioLitter. It has a profound effect on both the plant's and the soil's microbial environment - bringing you savings in technology and profit in the field.

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